Dynamic Alternative Asset Program

MAS maintains and curates an alternative asset program to provide exposure to different assets and strategies. These strategies nearly always require the client to be an accredited investor and sometimes a qualified purchaser. These strategies also contain different risks than investing in public equities and government and corporate bonds.  They must be carefully reviewed with your investment advisor and ideally be part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Examples of our Dynamic Alternative Asset Program includes the following types of vehicles and strategies:

Portfolio Construction & Management

As an independent asset manager, MAS Advisors conducts its investment process in-house, from economic research to investment selection, and manager due diligence.

Our open-architecture platform provides us unrestricted access to unique investment managers where we seek to form direct relationships, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and costs where possible.

Our global investment universe encompasses a wide array of alternative asset classes and investment vehicles such as private credit funds, credit obligations, hedge funds, and real estate assets, typically through exempt private placement offerings to accredited investor and qualified purchasers.

We place a special emphasis on volatility and liquidity management seeking asset classes that have limited market correlations. We continually review all strategies against current and forecasted economic conditions to assess their continued viability. Also, we continuously monitor investment performance against benchmarks, to assess not only relative performance but also possible style drift, and look for material operational changes that might negatively affect future returns, such as manager departures, regulatory actions and persistent outflows in the case of funds.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning is at the very core of life planning services. Our progressive planning approach recognizes that informed investment decisions reflect a client’s business needs, tax, retirement, estate, charitable giving, lifestyle, and insurance considerations. Holistic planning starts with a comprehensive written financial plan to address not only the needs of the individual, but also families and trusts, and privately-held business. With our team of experienced certified financial planners, we can create or assist with customized plans accounts for the specific client goals and preferences for wealth creation, debt management, taxes, risk, charitable donations, creation of foundations, and future estate planning needs. We help clients implement plans and constantly seek suitable strategies as a client’s needs evolve.
We offer a single, secure location where clients can access all accounts, assets, and insurance policies. We utilize tools and technology that consolidates and updates the balances of all client assets and liabilities, including those held elsewhere, on a daily basis. We have e-vaults that enable clients to protect their documents and access them when they need. This vault allows a client to upload and access documents from a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Corporate Retirement Services

Our knowledgeable team provides performance and expense analysis, fiduciary mitigation, and insight on a wide array of investment offerings, enabling us to deliver a retirement plan that will serve the best interests of a company and its plan participants. We cover all the facets of your plan’s operations— including compliant plan design, service provider monitoring, investment menu updates and vendor benchmarking.  In addition, we meet the needs of participants by providing plan investment education and objective investment strategies.

Plan Fiduciary
As an ERISA 3(21) fiduciary advisor and 3(38) investment manager, we implement policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of fiduciary care and guidance for company sponsored retirement plans. We adhere to the high standards of fiduciary excellence in the investment selection process, and assist with: quarterly platform investment review and recommendations, ongoing review and adherence to the plan’s Investment Policy Statement, annual trustee meeting to review all aspects of the plan’s investment offerings, on-site participant meetings, investment education and guidance, and DOL audit support.

Risk Mitigation and Asset Protection

Risk Management  
Through our relationship with our affiliate, Synergy Life Brokerage Group, LLC, a leading independent national BGA based in New York, we have the know-how and access to life, disability, and long-term care solutions from highly-rated, well-known carriers. We can also design unique customized private placement life insurance and variable annuity plans for high net worth clients who seek a level of sophistication for investment and insurance options not available in the retail market.

Asset Protection
Strategies to strengthen asset protection are often not thoroughly considered. MAS has relationships with legal and accounting partners and international firms to provide highly customized solutions for US and foreign nationals that offer an enhanced measure of asset protection and privacy. We serve both US families and global citizens of the world who have complex investment and estate plans. Many of these strategies are typically for Accredited Investors or more frequently, Qualified Purchasers.

Business Planning

Business Succession
For small to mid-sized businesses, succession planning helps to ensure that a smooth transition can occur when a business owner is ready to retire or sell a business. We work with Advisors to help clients prepare to maximize value (eliminating the risk of a fire sale), ensure continuity of service for customers, remove emotional decision-making, provide career-path opportunities to existing associates and/or elevate key employees to co-owners.

Executive Compensation
From granting or exercising stock options to developing and executing deferred compensation plans, the complexity and tax implications keep growing. Having a plan in place to minimize taxes on deferred compensation can be critical to helping clients reap the benefits of this income source. The regulations governing when and how deferred compensation is taxed are complex and difficult to sort through. Our experienced advisors can help develop tailored, tax-efficient investment strategies. MAS does not offer tax or legal advise. Clients should consult their respective tax and legal professionals for specific advice.

PPLI Insurance SMA Design and Administration

PPLI Insurance SMA Design
We design portfolios for variable insurance companies for allocation by their clients that own private placement life insurance (PPLI) and variable annuities (PPVA). We utilize a rules-based process, often in collaboration with subadvisors, to create a wide array of qualified insurance-only portfolio strategies, from benchmark-constrained to absolute return strategies, and from factor-investing to other risk-based strategies. Importantly, since PPLI and PPVA contracts enjoy tax-free compounding of returns, we have the flexibility to pursue alternative investment strategies that would otherwise be tax-inefficient such as private credit, private equity, and hedge funds.

We administer insurance only portfolios for use within PPLI and PPVA. We strike the NAV, provide customized reporting, manage custody, brokerage, ongoing due diligence of strategies, assist with  insurance company audits, Section 817 compliance, and relevant SEC compliance. We coordinate with the insurance carrier so that an underlying qualified IAR can focus on what they do best, maintaining the client relationship and participating in asset management strategies.

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